Storage.Which RAID Level to Use? Operating System

nData and Index Files
nRAID 5 is best suited for read intensiveapps or if the RAID controller cache is effective enough.
nRAID 10 is best suited for writeintensive apps.
nLog File
nRAID 1 is appropriate
nFault tolerance with high writethroughput. Writes are synchronous and sequential. No benefits in striping.
nTemporary Files
nRAID 0 is appropriate.
nNo fault tolerance. Highthroughput.

Storage.Controller.write-back vs write through Operating System

nWrite-backvs. write through:
nWrite back: transfer terminated as soonas data is written to cache.
nBatteries to guarantee write backin case of power failure
nWrite through: transfer terminated assoon as data is written to disk.

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